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• Orton has been suspended numerous times for violating the WWE wellness policy.- TMZ Sports recently caught up with former WWE Diva Ariane Andrew, f.k.a.Cameron, and was asked about The Rock possibly running for President.

Also, he openly admitted to a drug over dose adding more heat to the fire. Kennedy, blames Randy Orton for his firing from the company.

In an interview, the former stated that Randy made a huge fuss about being hit on the neck by his move, which according to Mr.

Kennedy was a false allegation, as Orton's head never touched the mat. • In 2007, Orton made damages worth ,000 to a hotel in United Kingdom, which he had to pay from his pocket and was sent back home immediately in between the WWE’s tour to UK.

She said that The Rock "is the only person from WWE who has made a name for himself." She was also asked if she dated white guys and replied that she only dated white guys.

"I just have a thing for white boys," Cameron said.

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