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The script writer – sanjay pawar and The director Rajiv patil have a handled such a sensitive issue efficiently and given a different but certainly nice experience to Audiences, Specially in Marathi Cinema. confidence and facial expressions made him one of the best actor in the movie, The way he is serious in his job the confidence in which he discusses and supports Sai in her crucial and testing moments. Specially sai its her first movie and I hope to see her in many more.Sai Tamhankar and subodh Bhave have been the lead characters in the movie. As a supporting actors shilpa Tulaskar and Tushar Dalvi. ( Rememeber Avdhoot is the same person who made the song jai jai Maharashtra hindi verion) The cinematography have done a good job especially in the hill area scene where the climax of the movie is shot.Thanks to director Rajiv Patil and script writer- Sanjay Pawar for handling such a sensitive issue efficiently and giving different but certainly nice experience to audiences.Sai Tamhankar and Subodh Bhave played lead characters in the movie and both had done well.such a simple nice movie with a sensitive issue and in a commerciall movie, It takes guts and Risk and I am sure the review your movie has got, you are a satisfied person.Sanai – Choughade delivers a message to our close Minded society.Especially Subodh Bhave catches maximum attention through amazing facial expressions.

Film – Sanai Chaughade Singer – Avadhoot Gupte, Janhavi Prabhu 2) Kandepohe Clu Mix – Sanai Chaughade Singer – Avadhoot Gupte, Shreyas Talpade – Sanai Chnaughade Singer – Sunidhi Chauhan Chandra Mi Soorya Mi – Sanai Chughade Singer – Avadhoot Gupte sanai choughade ha angavar ka yeyi shahara, ka shwasat wahe ushn wara, ya viskatlelya kesanmadhala nakos lapau chandra gora, nasel to udya pan aaj aahe na, tar mag shanana na na na..Sai and Aditya (Santosh Juvekar) fall in love with each other.Just before finalisation of their marriage, Sai revealed her past.‘Naturally our marriage system, relations and even social structure is changed a lot because of influence of of global culture.‘ Sanai – choughade’ is the bold 9mentally) cover all these aspects and provokes audiences to think about the success. Her elder niece urmila and jija shrikatn promises her maother on death bed that they will be responsibile for sai marriage.

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