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The operation is ordered by the Jewish government, and is overseen by the Romans.

Whether the plans of Jesus had included founding an entirely new church or not, this is what happens, although its birth is clouded in obscurity.

Generally attributed either to St Paul or a close associate, even the book of Corinthians seems to show a degree of ambiguity, or perhaps enforced change, in the role of women in the early church.

The final shots were fired at the First Council in AD 325, when the Catholic Church was fully established.

It seems that Peter is the one who opposes the Pharisees in their demands for circumcision and Mosaic law in relation to the Gentiles (according to Acts), although he has been guilty himself of treating Gentiles as inferiors to Jewish Christians in the past (the Incident at Antioch).

In Asia Minor, the Galatians may be on their way to becoming eastern Romans, but they have not entirely forgotten their Gaulish roots.

Hierotheos the Thesmothete (a junior archon) is reputedly the first head of the Christians of Athens.

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Anti-popes are shown in text with shaded backgrounds.

(Additional information by Dana Grohol, and from the BBC documentaries, The Lost Gospels and The Dead Sea Scrolls, both first screened in 2006, and from External Link: Catholic Online.) Jesus, the son of Mary and her husband, Joseph the carpenter (whatever his role in the actual conception of the child), is viewed by some of his peers in Judea as the messiah foretold in the Old Testament.

The exact dates relating to him are uncertain, but the year of his birth is traditionally accepted as being 11 BC or 7 BC.

There, he begins to minister to the early Christians within the empire who are brutally persecuted, often being subject to death games in the Coliseum and public burnings.

Peter attends the Council of Jerusalem, which decides to accept Gentile (non-Jewish) converts to the new church.

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