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We need to do more to diagnose cancer earlier, to persuade people to improve their diet by eating more fruit and veg, and alcohol is still causing societal problems.' The Health Department said: 'Life expectancy in both the UK and Slovenia is at its highest- ever level and has been increasing over many years.'Factors underlying increases in life expectancy are complex.

Nekateri so razglašeni tudi za živo mojstrovino državnega pomena.

At the top is France, where women can expect to reach 85.

Experts said the difference can be put down to NHS failures to spot cancer and heart disease early enough - as well as the fact that the British diet is worse than in other countries.

The annual Health Profile of England from the Department of Health also revealed that deaths from chronic liver disease among women have climbed above the EU average, driven by the rise in binge drinking. Infant mortality in England is also higher than the EU average, with 4.8 babies dying out of 1,000.

Teenage pregnancy rates are the highest in western Europe - and obesity levels are the worst in the whole continent. This is much higher than both Slovenia and the Czech Republic, countries which only 20 years ago were behind the Iron Curtain.

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