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"Uefa is investing a lot to combat match-fixing." So, slowly but surely, are authorities in Britain.How last match of season unfolded for Accrington The action as it happened: the following is a verbatim contemporary match report from the Press Association, ...And some, if not all, of those bookmakers are also likely to have played a role in almost a year of forensic detective work by the FA's understaffed compliance unit to find out who was betting, where, and why.Amazingly, even with the cloud of suspicion hanging over the game after the result had followed the money, some bookies paid out to winners who had placed "dodgy" bets. Make one bet on the football team you support to lose an end-of-season game where nothing is at stake in terms of relegation or promotion.You gamble, say, a year's basic pay on that outcome, and if your side lose, then you make a profit of somewhere in the region of a year-and-a-half's pay. Or a scheme that is just awfully, awfully risky, for comparatively little gain, in case your team go and win?

Some want nothing to do with substantiating claims of dodgy betting in case the knock-on effects damage the industry.Compared to many countries, especially those in Eastern Europe, England has remained largely free of serious malpractice related to betting and football. The hope at the FA is things can stay that way, but nobody in the corridors of power is complacent.Especially not in an era when placing a bet – be it legitimate or otherwise – is only a mouse-click away.Even Uefa's president, Michel Platini, reiterated yesterday that eradicating corruption linked to betting is his organisation's top priority."The greatest danger to football is match-fixing," Platini said.

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