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I wish i could explain more, but it was interessting reading, i just had to share. Seethee, often used to start a statement,eg 'seethee, al tell thee sumat tha dunt know'.Anyone help me with "belinders" as in "ma cums wi rollin pin, pa wi belinders"Good site, what about the W Yorks term to 'cal'meaning chat?As they both died about 50 years ago it may have died out now.(I,ve lived in australia for 43 years and Ah,ve never lost me accent luv!)My gramma used to say of a Winters morning, with the draught blowing a gale force wind under the door, "somebody put Marilyn's leg in t'ole, 'fore we all freeze to death"...the Marilyn's leg being a rudimentary draught excluder made of sewn up rags or knitted into a "small snake", and then stuffed with old nylons etc.) A clout round back ot eard would be a smack around the back of your head and I usually got those for being 'cloth ear-ed' meaning my ears were made of cloth and I wasn't listening.Lavvies (toilets) were 'down ginnel' (down the passage between the cottages) and squares of newspaper were neatly cut into 6" pieces and threaded onto string then hung on a nail at the back of the door. In my Yorkshire upbringing (1940s/50s) 'chelping' was more than just talking.

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Clouts were cloths usually for cleaning and also knickers (which eventually became cleaning clouts!Add "jart" meaning to sharply knock and make it shake, e.g."dean't jart t' table" meaning "don't knock the edge of the table because it shakes it" (Expression used in Wolds area of East Yorkshire about 65 years ago) Myfather was from Glasgow but would use the phrase "put wood in t'ole (not sure of the spelling).Well this is indeed from the French 'Ca ne fait rien' and it's an expression returning soldiers (like my grandfathers) brought back to the UK after WWI1.In the phrase "that's a threp in't steans", the word "steans" is Yorkshire for "stones" or "testicles"2.

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