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I paint my nails a lot more these days; I’ve got Chanel’s orange fizz nail colour on my toes right now.

I don’t feel hung over at weekends because I don’t drink much alcohol, but if I wake up feeling tired on Saturday I’ll need fresh air on my face – like now.

When I was doing The Hour, I was often picked up at 5.30am on Saturday and driven to Hornsey town hall, where we were filming.

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Screen writers in general seem to have very little imagination about women and you have to make the best you can of what’s out there.I made a lot of naughty mistakes when I was there but it was a beautiful rite of passage and I never got homesick; I’ve always found that if I stay in one place for too long, I need to leave.I did a lot of acting at school – I even put on a fake moustache and impersonated my grandfather, Charlie Chaplin, at the Edinburgh Fringe.I loved being on stage but I told myself that if I didn’t get in to Rada, I wouldn’t pursue an acting career. After I graduated, I got a small part in Quantum of Solace and did a few other things but The Hour, which is on at the moment, is definitely my biggest part so far.I’m still a little awestruck by the other members of the cast.

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