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A few blocks north is Fi Fi (tel: [886-2] 2721-1970, 15 Sec 4, Renai Road), owned by local designer Isabelle Wen.

The building is a unique combination of boutique markets, restaurant and bar.

Diamond also offers another outlet located more conveniently on the 4th floor of the shopping mall.

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If you're interested in taking in an incredible aerial view of the city with dinner, the Taipei 101 – one of the tallest buildings in the world – has a couple high-altitude restaurants for you to choose from.

The brash and bawdy Combat Zone with its seedy bars and leggy women more interested in commerce than conversation has faded into oblivion with city upgrades, but there is much to sample for travellers of all stripes. A full stomach is a critical part of a fun night out in Taipei, and this multi-cultural metropolis suffers no shortage of restaurants.

From local to international to fusion, various Asian cultures collide in the cuisine of Taipei.

The ivory walls and furniture give the establishment a pristine, chic look that appeals to young professionals.

As the evening dinner hour extends into late night, this Asian-Italian fusion restaurant turns into a popular spot for those looking to throw back a cocktail or two.

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