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Although I might advise her to start fishing from a different "mate pool," she is so right about certain things that you're bound to come out ahead.(I'm thinking specifically of her section titled "Men Like Easy," which got me musing that there are in fact guys who like "complicated" — you simply have to search high and low to find one.) Wise in some places, snarky in others and funny throughout, I Suck at Relationships offers up some priceless observations.And though others have experienced it before you, it is entirely your own, and original to you. Your work of supreme imagination." I gave these "improvisations on a crazy little thing" to my fiancé for Valentine's Day.People in a long-term relationship will value this book for its clear-eyed explanations of why you might fall out of love with your partner — and what can help you fall back in.Every relationship cycles through certain stages, writes veteran couples therapist Carroll, so you have to expect — and possibly even plan for — emotional crises along the way.Yes, there will be doubt and denial (stage 2) as well as disillusionment (stage 3), but these are understandable and predictable.Finally, however, suspense overwhelmed distaste: Would Bethenny Frankel's book be all about her or all about us, the readers?Turns out self-absorption has a silver lining: Frankel (who gained fame on The Real Housewives of New York City) has made so many relationship mistakes that she really does know what doesn't work!

Winner blends personal experience, scholarly research, pop culture awareness, and theological truth to craft a brave treatise on chastity.

It teaches you that you can give yourself to someone and retain yourself as well.

Love is a world you both have entered and discovered.

Elliott's true-life case histories are told with compassion, helping the reader gain courage and insight.

This is a truly encouraging work for people who have lived a while but could use a gentle nudge to "get back out there." Wow, do I hate this title — so much, in fact, I almost never opened the book.

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