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It pumped large amounts of resources from the Eastern Bloc countries to the USSR.

The phrase "equivalent of the Marshall Plan" is often used to describe a proposed large-scale economic rescue program.

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Some eighteen European countries received Plan benefits.

However, its role in the rapid recovery has been debated.

Somewhat more aid per capita was also directed towards the Allied nations, with less for those that had been part of the Axis or remained neutral.

The largest recipient of Marshall Plan money was the United Kingdom (receiving about 26% of the total), followed by France (18%) and West Germany (11%).

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The plan was in operation for four years beginning on April 8, 1948.Most reject the idea that it only miraculously revived Europe, since the evidence shows that a general recovery was already under way thanks to other aid programs from the United States.Bradford De Long and Barry Eichengreen conclude it was, " History's Most Successful Structural Adjustment Program." They state: It was not large enough to have significantly accelerated recovery by financing investment, aiding the reconstruction of damaged infrastructure, or easing commodity bottlenecks.Secretary Marshall became convinced Stalin had no interest in helping restore economic health in Western Europe.President Harry Truman signed the Marshall Plan on April 3, 1948, granting billion in aid to 16 European nations.

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