Cs16 online dating

Librarian, reader, writer, lover of intellectual and artistic pursuits. Love the NYTimes, John Oliver, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and PBS Masterpiece Theatre. Avid golfer, hiker, and dog-lover, proficient but rusty tennis player, equestrian, sailor. Democrat with active interest in politics / world affairs.

Looking to share spirited conversation, laughs, and fun times with a good, fit, nonsmoking man.

Values include fun, loyalty, learning, reading, art, family, friends, and sincerity. Cornel West says Justice is what love looks like in public. Ive been in the movement since forever, now at 67 doing education justice and anti-racist work.

I am retired from nursing but still do some teaching (German, herbalism). Enjoy the outdoors, walking / hiking, swimming, and games.

F-15649-ME Email or Postal Quintessential late bloomer, 68, tall, attractive, youthful college student / medical professional.

I live off-grid on 19 acres hike, garden, kayak, cut firewood, and love to share healthy food and soulful conversations by the woodstove. F-15648-NY Email Only Compassionate and warm, curious and adventurous, born in the mid-1960s.

F-15637-CANADA Email or Postal Youthful, attractive DWF in her seventies, slim, fit, and healthy, 5'6", of Scandinavian heritage.

University educated, passionate, affectionate, warm and gentle with a good sense of humour. Interests: Classical music and jazz, literature, art, nature, walking, biking, and travelling to Europe.

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