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I love this kind of story, every episode is worth watching!

I really love a relationship and chemistry between hajiwon and leejinwook.

With that being said, keep in mind that the story is a very basic, over told story like plot and it WILL drag and make you question why you even started this drama in the first place. really love the storyline and execution in this drama... love her fashion and of course her acting skills as well.... If you like really basic storyline dramas that are so predictable it hurts this is the one for you.

*Spoiler* I just need to know why it took them 19 episodes to finally be together, i'm ANNOYED! love how the lead actor kept his love for his bestfriend for the longest time!!! It is so bad i wanted to neck myself like i'm really sorry if this is your favourite drama like rip you but if you love this I don't understand how you sleep at night.

I can understand why this drama didnt have very good viewership when it was aired, this is something that can only be appreciated by a more mature audience.

I am now still loving this drama and rewatch it again, I dun knoe why but never got bored of it :-) hope that HJW and LJW will star together again in new tv series as HJW said that she would like to work with LJW again if there's a chance, I hope so :-) well, I rate 9/10 for this drama, it gives me happiness to watch it , thanks to all the casts and production team, and of course, SBS!great job!wish you all the best in the future! I love Ha Ji Won always and forever, she is the best K actrees in my mind, very versatile and cannot get enough of her, she is very talented, really admire of her, , and her acting in this drama was awesome, with the male lead has great chemistry, I would love them both to be reunited again in future.

Not a fan of Lee Jin Wook, but their chemistry are quite good though i was actually rooting for her to end up with the pianist.

stay healthy and pretty always :-) @ winda s., how are you doing? Its very unlikely I come back to read comments after such a long time but well, it must be God's will that I return here. The main casts did great job here and all the supporting casts as well, thank you,and wish u all a merry xmas^_^ If you are looking for a regular, OTT, unrealistic romantic drama with forced situations, as most romantic Asian dramas are, this isn't for you.

It's been like 6 months since I watched this but it actually haunts me. its make me jealous of her skin..glowing skin When will HJW paired up again with LJW?

pulled it off beautifully, i can almost believe they could fall in love, though the story is ordinarily real, not a heavy acting you suppose to expect from them beacause they are great actors but they have given a much fuller life on the characters, good drama, i watched again and have given them two thumbs up,it differ from the first time i watched it! I am so wanting they reunite again, they both so sweet and everytime I see them makes me smile and happy,,and I never have been like this to see other couples in K dramas, , that is why PD Nim, will you make my wish come true by pairing them both again in a family drama?

I love how the drama portrays these small but significant stuff.

The acting was effortless, the flow smooth and consistent and characters humane.

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